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Welcome to Lakeside Boat Storage.
We are located on Pigeon Lake, one of the finest lakes in the Kawartha's just outside of Bobcaygeon. Bring your boat by water or by trailer and we will accommodate full service storage with the option of other preventative maintenance services. We store a large variety of items and vehicles. Please contact us with your storage or maintenance needs.

We at Lakeside thank you for a wonderful season. The weather was excellent all summer. There was a lot of activities such as Wakeboarding, Fishing tournaments, and other Leisure Boating going on around here all season. Boats Sales were very positive this year compared to last. Looking forward to seeing everyone back here next spring.




Aug, 14 2017

Wow, We are already fully booked for Pontoon boats and larger boats for this upcoming season.  Please contact us soon to reserve a spot for your smaller boats asap.   Thank you for your continued support and patronage.


June 25 2017

Well, what a spring pull out season.  We are finally back on track for enjoining the summer season !

Boats sold quickly this year . Looking for new quality inventory.  Let us know what you have!


June 9 2017

HELLO ALL,   Water level on pigeon lake is now back to spring normal for 2 weeks.   We do have a back log of boats , so John’s doing the best he can with his team to get boats out.  Please call /message to book your retrieval of your boat. However be prepared to have to wait possibly past the weekend to the following weekend for you boat when you call.  We can only do so many boats per day.

Thank you for your understanding. 


May 24 2017. Water has dropped max 2" so the levels are still high.  Everything said on may 18th still applies.  Please give ample notice when booking your boat retrteival. 


MAY 18 2017.  Water on the lake has dropped 8 inches.  I have pontoons boats launching and I have 5 of the 17 docks available to tie up boats to.  Its not recommended to launch Runabouts boats because bumpers wont do anything at the docks and may cause damage to the boats.   We are pulling boats out, so if your dock on the lake can accommodate your boat give us a call and we'll see what we can do.


MAY 12 2017. WATER LEVEL HAS STILL NOT PEAKED YET.    No boats are going in to the water!   Boats can leave on trailers if requested.  As long as boat it not blocked behind other boats that need to go into the water.

See photo gallery for May 12 water level pictures. 


MAY 6 2017. ***** AS FLOODING on the property was expected and we still have not reached the Crest of the flood.  We will be in a shut down state for the next 6 days.   All boats coming out of storage will be one week delayed this year ( so far).  

We cannot not control the weather!!!!!  

See posted pictures in the photo gallery labeled may 6

There is no where to tie up the boats right now!

The ground is saturated so tractors will not be driving on the gravel because it will just sink in. 




MAY 3, 2017   


If only the rain would stop,  we could get to some fun boating sooner.  Pigeon lake is not flooding like previous years how ever that could change over the next weekend.

Lets hope for the sunshine soon!

Don't forget to book your free lock passes for the 2017 season.  You will need a registration sticker.   This can be obtained at:


We thank you for your patronage and business. 




We will as always take good care of your investment and ensure maximizing potential  of trouble free operation for next seasons to come.

Remember we only "Store indoor"




We have not moved.  

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